2017 In-Club Tournament Results

Here are results from the various intra-WPGLBC tournaments held last season:

Armstrong Men’s Pairs

  1. Frank Kaweski, David Crowe
  2. Charles Hou, Bill Parker & Paul Cech

Daisy Laird Women’s Pairs

  1. Cathleen Rowlette, Susan Boyd
  2. Kathie Draeseke, Valerie Macfadyen
  3. Sandra Webster, June Wing

Canada Day Cup

  1. Charles Hou, Margit Hunt, Fran Holmes-Green
  2. Elaine Rolston, Sandra Webster, Gerry Fuchs
  3. Kathie Draeseke, Russell Boyd, Susan Boyd

Mixed Singles

  1. Bill Sharp
  2. Frank Kaweski
  3. David Crowe

Fleming Mixed Pairs

  1. Frank Kaweski, Margit Hunt
  2. Ralph Roper, Sharen Fuchs
  3. Charles Hou, Verle Kaweski

Men’s Singles

  1. Russell Boyd
  2. Ralph Roper
  3. David Crowe

Andy Reid Mixed Triples

  1. Frank Kaweski, Shirley Grimmett, Verle Kaweski
  2. Elaine Rolston, David Crowe, Kathie Draeseke
  3. Bill Sharp, Bridget Allanson, Bill Comerford

Club Bowlers Of The Year
Bowler of the year: Frank Kaweski
Runner Up: David Crowe

The events listed below were not played due to lack of entries:

  • Huntley Australian Mixed Pairs
  • Ladies’ Singles
  • Novice Ladies’ Singles
  • Novice Men’s Singles