2019 In-Club Tournament Results

Here are results from the various intra-WPGLBC tournaments held over the last season.  For current season results, check them out as they happen under Happenings.

Armstrong Men’s Pairs

  1. Frank Kaweski & Keith Switzer
  2. Ken Sherlock & David Crowe
  3. Ralph Roper & Russ Boyd

Daisy Laird Women’s Pairs

  1. Kathie Draeseke & Jean McTavish
  2. June Wing & Cynthia Hou
  3. Bridget Allanson & Fran Holmes-Green

Canada Day Cup

  1. Elaine Rolston, June Wing & Joan Harvey
  2. Ralph Roper, George Bangham & Jean McTavish
  3. Bill Sharp, Shirley Grimmett & Kathie Draeseke

Huntley Australian Mixed Pairs

  1. Bill Sharp & George Bangham
  2. Sandra Webster & Andy Byrne
  3. Ralph Roper & June Wing

Mixed Singles

  1. Frank Kaweski
  2. Ken Sherlock
  3. Ralph Roper

Fleming Mixed Pairs

  1. Ralph Roper, Shirley Grimmett
  2. Russ Boyd, Margit Hunt
  3. Frank Kaweski, Bridget Allanson

Men’s Singles

  1. Frank Kaweski
  2. Charles Hou
  3. Bill Sharp

Women’s Singles

  1. Shirley Grimmett
  2. Kathie Draeseke
  3. Fran Holmes-Green

Novice Men’s Singles

  1. Tony Blake
  2. Mel Felker

Novice Women’s Singles

  1. Heather Kerr
  2. Joanne Tait

Andy Reid Mixed Triples – Cancelled due to rain

Club Bowlers Of The Year
Bowler of the year: Frank Kaweski
Runners Up: Ralph Roper, Shirley Grimmett