WPG Mixed Singles Tournament 2020

On Sat 22 Aug, we held our club Mixed Singles Tournament.  This was a very successful tournament held under almost-ideal weather conditions.  A lot of the games were close.  Congratulations to the winning players:

  1. Ralph Roper
  2. Bill Sharp
  3. Margit Hunt and Russell Boyd (tie)

Fleming Mixed Pairs Tournament 2020

On Sat 8 Aug, we held the Fleming Mixed Pairs Tournament. Although we suffered through some rain in the morning, the games were quite exciting (and close: we had 3 ties). Congratulations to the winning teams:

  1. Charles Hou, Heather Kerr
  2. David Crowe, Jean McTavish
  3. Elaine Rolston, Andy Byrne

Canada Cup on BC Day 2020

On BC Day (Mon 3 Aug), we played a belated Canada Cup tournament. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the tournament was played as pairs instead of triples. Congratulations to the winning teams:

  1. Kathie Draeseke, Gerry Fuchs
  2. Ken Sherlock, Judy Chen
  3. Ralph Roper, Jean McTavish

Men’s & Women’s Pairs Tournaments 2020

On Sat 1 Aug, both the Armstrong Men’s Pairs and Daisy Laird Women’s Pairs tournaments were played. Congratulations to the winning teams:

Armstrong Men’s Pairs

  1. Charles Hou, Mark Dix-Cooper
  2. Bill Sharp, David Crowe
  3. Ralph Roper, George Bangham

Daisy Laird Women’s Pairs

  1. Kathie Draeseke, Heather Kerr
  2. Margit Hunt, Fran Holmes-Green
  3. Judy Chen, Jan Miko

Barbara Williams Mixed Fours Tournament 2019

On Sun 1 Sep, we held the Barbara Williams Mixed Fours Tournament.  Congratulations to the winning teams:

  1. Francis Yau, Josephine Lee, Fred Fong, Shirley Choy
  2. Kin On Lau, Stanley Chow, Lisa Cheung, Sarina Mak
  3. Kelvin Lai, Peter Lee, Anita Lee, Gigi Chan
  4. Frances Lee, Wendy Hui, Serge Pannu, Winnie Yuen