Men’s & Women’s pairs tournaments 2017

On Sat 24 Jun 2017, both men’s and women’s pairs tournaments were held. The winners were as follows:

Armstrong Men’s Pairs

  1. Frank Kaweski & David Crowe
  2. Charles Hou & Bill Parker/Paul Cech

Daisy Laird Women’s Pairs

  1. Cathleen Rowlette & Susan Boyd
  2. Kathie Draeseke & Valerie Macfadyen

WPG Mixed Triples Tournament 2017

On Sat 27 May, 14 teams participated in this annual tournament convened by Verle Kaweski.  Each team played 2 games north & south in the morning, and 2 games east & west after lunch.  Congratulations to the winners:

  1. West Point Grey LBC: Bill Sharp, Valerie Macfadyen, Cathleen Rowlette
  2. West Point Grey LBC: Frank Kaweski, Elaine Rolston, Shirley Hurl
  3. North Vancouver LBC: Bob Martin, Mike Kelly, Barbara Van Gruen

We had perfect weather for these games!

Victoria Day Barbeque 2017

We had beautiful weather and a great turnout to our Victoria Day barbeque this year.  People bowled in the morning and afternoon; the barbeque satisfied all hungers.

Opening Day 2017

Although our Opening Day was a “wee bit wet” for bowling on soft greens, WPG members weren’t deterred — well…not much!

A few loyal souls left the rest of group (which was socializing in the clubhouse) to see the first bowl of the season (an excellent shot, btw) delivered by coach Ken Sherlock. They then scuttled back to shelter, anticipating much better weather for Sunday’s Open House!

Christmas lunch 2016

We held our annual Christmas lunch on 3 Dec 2016.  This time we were joined by members from the Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club, making the lunch even more fun than usual.  As usual, we were served excellent food at the University Golf Club.

At the event, Dick Grady was awarded a lifetime membership in the club:

Some more photos from the event:

Canada Day Cup 2016

We held a 2×14 end mixed triples tournament for our Canada Day Cup.  8 teams participated.  Although the weather was cloudy in the morning, the sun broke through in the afternoon.  The winners were …

  1. Frank Kaweski, Doug Bruce, Margit Hunt
  2. Shirley Hurl, Sharen Fuchs, Dorothy Wan
  3. Cathleen Rowlette, David Crowe, George Robinson

Many thanks to Verle and Frank Kaweski for organizing this.

Prior to the tournament, we congregated under the flag pole and sang O Canada.

Men’s & Women’s pairs tournaments

On Sat 25 Jun 2016, both men’s and women’s pairs tournaments were held.  The winners were as follows:

Armstrong Men’s Pairs

  1. Frank Kaweski & Bill Comerford
  2. Ralph Roper & Charles Hou

Daisy Laird Women’s Pairs

  1. June Wing & Linda Sherlock
  2. Elaine Rolston & Cynthia Hou

BuildDirect Social/Fundraising Event

BuildDirect, the world’s largest online marketplace for home improvement products, brought 78 of their staff to our club for an afternoon of bowling and general enjoyment.  Using 12 rinks, teams rotated playing 4-end games against each other.  A prize was handed out at the end.  The players (and our volunteers) made this a very successful event.