Contact Us

West Point Grey Lawn Bowling Club
4376 West 6th Avenue
P.O. Box 72004, Sasamat P.O.
Vancouver, BC  V6R 4P2

Telephone:  (604)224-6556
(Please note that the voicemail attached to this telephone is a bit of a black hole.  It is better to contact us through one of the email addresses below.)

President:                           Ken Sherlock ( )
Vice President:                Kathie Draeseke
Treasurer:                           Louise Weinberger
Secretary:                           Margit Hunt
Past President:                Charles Hou

Members at Large:

  • Susan Boyd
  • David Crowe
  • Shirley Grimmett
  • Frank Kaweski
  • Val Macfadyen
  • Cathleen Rowlette
  • Joanne Tait
  • Russell Uhler, croquet representative ( )

Events Coordinators:

Webmaster:  David Crowe (