Victoria Day Barbecue 2019

The barbecue on 20 May 2019 was a great success–even the rain did not stop the fun.  Thanks to all who participated, especially to Russell Boyd who cooked the burgers and smokies to perfection–and to the exceptional kitchen helpers, Sandra Webster, Valerie MacFadyen, Shirley Grimmett, Cynthia Hou, Judy Chen, Verle Kaweski (the 50/50), and Bridget Allanson who collected the money, Kathie Draeseke who looked after the wine, Frank Kaweski looked after beer and beverages.  Thanks also to all those who helped with setup and take down.  As you can see the list is long to make a successful event.  Cheers to all involved!

Spring 2019 Pot Luck Dinner

Held at 5:00 pm on Sat 16 Mar 2019.

Our annual Spring Pot Luck Dinner was (again) a great success.  Apart from everybody eating well and having a great time, we also recognized the massive contributions that Verle and Frank Kaweski have made at the club, and announced that the Wednesday Afternoon Mixed Triples League will henceforth be named the Kaweski Mixed League.

Verle and Frank accepting our small token of appreciation:Verle and Frank Kaweski

General merrymaking:

WPG Andy Reid Mixed Triples 2018

On 8 Sep, we played our annual Andy Reid Mixed Triples tournament.  Congratulations to the winning teams:

  1. Russ Boyd, Bill Parker & Jean McTavish
  2. Jack Green, Cathleen Rowlette & Rosie Dunnings
  3. Charles Hou, George Bangham & Dorothy Wan

Interclub Women’s Triples tournament 2018

On On Sat 11 Aug, we hosted our annual Interclub Women’s Triples tournament.  Congratulations to the winners:

  1. Richmond LBC: Hita Cheung, Rita Lam & Jody Yeh
  2. North Vancouver LBC: Barbara Van Gruen, Mae Michaluk & Yvonne Fourchalk
  3. North Vancouver LBC: Nel Smithergale, Gale Claydon & Pat McKenzie

V&D Senior Mixed Fours Tournament 2018

On 10 & 11 Jul, we hosted the V & D Senior Mixed Fours tournament.  Congratulations to the winners:

  1. Richmond LBC: Eric Leung, Kelvin Lai, Jenny Siu, Rainbow Lung
  2. West Point Grey LBC: Ralph Roper, Elaine Rolston, Russ Boyd, Susan Boyd
  3. Richmond LBC: Paul Choi, Josephine Lee, Lorraine Choi, Stanley Chow