We are a Vancouver lawn bowling club founded in 1921.

Our 2017 season is underway.  The weather has been pretty good so far (with some exceptions).  The bowling has been a lot of fun.

New members welcome!  Feel free to drop by our facilities at 6th & Trimble in Vancouver.


If you are intending to bowl in the interclub Barbara Williams Mixed Fours Tournament on 3 Sep 2017, please note that many registrations have already been received (more than half full).  Alice Roper, taking registrations, is reminding you to get your entries in as soon as possible as it will be full fast.  The fee is $80.00 per team – 20.00 per person.  You must enter as a team (putting your name on the sheet at the club does not enter you).  You must enter by calling Alice Roper 604 224 7974 or email  Alice at rroper12@shaw.ca.   Don’t be disappointed enter now.