Short Jack League

West Point Grey Lawn Bowling Club

2024 Short-Jack Pairs League

Wednesday Mornings at 11:00 starting May 15

  1. Sign-up:  Please email Susan (address below) or sign-up on the bulletin board. Indicate your preferred position (skip or lead). New bowlers are encouraged to join once they have completed three coaching sessions. 
  2. Teams: Teams will be determined by random draw according to your preferred position as much as possible. The minimum number of teams is 6, which means at least 12 participants.  Please sign up early – the last signee may miss out as we need an even number of bowlers.
  3. Games:  Games will be played in short-jack-pairs format:  2 players/team, 4 bowls/player/end, 8 ends, jack placed 21 m from the mat. Each game is expected to last about 75 minutes.
  4. Spares:  There can be up to one spare on a given day per team. If both regular players are unavailable, the team loses by default. Each team member finds his/her spare and informs the other team member. The spare cannot skip. A spares list will be distributed and will be on the bulletin board. Spares must be selected from this list if possible; contact the Convenors if there is a problem finding a spare. 
  5. Cost:  The cost/bowler will be determined when the number of bowlers and games is known; it will be about $3 per day of play. About half of this will be used for prizes with the remainder going to the club.  Please pay a Convener on opening day. 
  6. Scoring:  A win is worth 2 points, a tie 1, a loss 0.  Net ranking is based on total points for wins/ties/losses and on differential points with a maximum of 10.  
  7. Enjoy!  Apart from the above procedures, the normal rules and conventions of lawn bowling will apply. Good bowling!

Email please, or sign-up on the bulletin board. Questions? Convenors:

Susan (

Russ (