Club Information


Annual adult membership fees are $260. New bowlers pay $130 for the first year and Social Members pay $25; there are various fees for club tournaments, usually $10.


  • $5 per visit per person for a member’s guest(s) and must be accompanied by a current member. Maximum 3 visits per season.
  • Members of non-local clubs, outside V&D, can drop in for 3 visits per season free and do not need a member.
  • There is a separate page in the Sign in Book for guests. Please sign in your name and your guests name(s) on those sheets.
  • Official Croquet and Bowling Coaching for any guests should be booked in advance if possible, and a small extra fee may be required.


We have a wonderful group of coaches who give lessons to all new bowlers. We offer prospective new members 3 lessons at no charge. Coaches are also available and willing to help any club bowler who could use a little “fine-tuning”.

2024 Coaching Schedule 

Lawn Bowling Lessons during any of the following: 

April 17, 19, 24, 26  at 1:15pm

April 18, 23, 25 at 6:45pm

May, June, July
Saturdays at 1:15 pm
Sundays at 1:45 pm
Contact Sue to arrange your Croquet Lessons


Draws are run according to the schedule on the calendar. We ask people to arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of time in order to give the draw master time to set up the draw. Just one person racing in late can throw everything off! If you KNOW you are going to be held up, call the club and someone will enter your name for you (604-224-6556)


Bowls are available free for member use; in fact we encourage you to try out club bowls for a year before you buy.


Dress is casual. Shoes must not have heavy treads or definite heels – these damage the greens. Either “Whites” or club team shirts are worn for tournaments. There are a limited number of club team shirts available to rent for tournaments for a $2 fee per useage. The rest of the time? Colour is great!


There is a Bridge Club which meets Mondays (Duplicate Bridge – $2) and Fridays (Chicago Bridge and tea – $3) all year at 7:00 pm. Bridge members are always welcome at all WPG social functions. We also have are Barbecues, Pot Luck Dinners and our Christmas Dinner. We always welcome new ideas!

What Makes The Club Tick?

We have a very active and hard-working executive board, but the success of the club is due mainly to the wonderful volunteers who pitch in at every level. We have a steady group which comes out once a week to work in our “almost-famous” gardens under the direction of Jane Puusepp. Andy Byrne has done a lot of work to keep our rinks in such good shape.

We have work parties which gather to clean the clubhouse, paint the outside, put out the equipment, cater meals, wash the dishes, write the bulletins and who do all the other things (often unnoticed) which contribute to our amazing atmosphere.

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