Canada Day Cup

This year’s Canada Day Cup featured some very good competition within the club.  In the tournament, convened by Frank Kaweski, each team played 2 games, with lunch & refreshments in between.  The winning teams were as follows:

  • 1st:  Ken Sherlock, Sandra Webster, & June Wing
  • 2nd:  Frank Kaweski, Joyce Williams, & Brenda Laing
  • 3rd:  Ralph Roper, Shirley Grimmett, & Cynthia Hou

West Point Grey Ladies’ Pairs Tournament

On 30 Jun 2015, the West Point Grey Ladies’ Pairs saw 12 bowlers bowl off.  Winners were:

  • 1st: Louise Weinberger & Dorothy Wan
  • 2nd: Joyce Williams & Jane Puusepp

The tournament was convened by Verle Kaweski.  Refreshments were provided by Bridget Allanson and Louise Weinberger.