Fleming Mixed Pairs Tournament 2021

On Sat 24 Jul 2021, we held the Fleming Mixed Pairs Tournament. This was a very exciting tournament with a lot of good bowling and close ends. Many games were won by excellent shots in the final end. Congratulations to the winning teams:

  1. Russell Boyd, George Bangham
  2. Elaine Rolston, Bob Burrows
  3. Jean McTavish, Andy Byrne

WPG Mixed Singles Tournament 2021

On Sat 10 Jul, we held our club Mixed Singles Tournament.  This was a very successful tournament held under almost-ideal weather conditions.  A lot of the games were close (and long).  Congratulations to the winning players:

  1. David Crowe
  2. Charles Hou
  3. Susan Boyd

Huntley Mixed Australian Pairs tournament 2021

On Sat 3 Jul 2021, we held our annual Huntley Mixed Australian Pairs tournament.  Although our city had been suffering through an extreme heat wave recently, the weather for this tournament was almost perfect.  Congratulations to the winners:

  1. Jean McTavish & David Crowe
  2. Ken Sherlock & Sandra Webster
  3. Elaine Rolston & Susan Boyd

Canada Cup tournament 2021

On Thu 1 Jul 2021, we had our annual Canada Day celebration and Canada Cup tournament.  The tournament this year was played as pairs rather than the normal triples.  Congratulations to the winners:

  1. Bill Sharp & David Crowe
  2. Charles Hou & Susan Boyd (tied for 2nd place)
  3. Mark Dix-Cooper & Russell Boyd (tied for 2nd place)

We had perfect weather, i.e., cloudy and cool after our recent heat wave, for these games–and also for our annual flag raising and singing of “O Canada”!