WPG Mixed Singles Tournament 2020

On Sat 22 Aug, we held our club Mixed Singles Tournament.  This was a very successful tournament held under almost-ideal weather conditions.  A lot of the games were close.  Congratulations to the winning players:

  1. Ralph Roper
  2. Bill Sharp
  3. Margit Hunt and Russell Boyd (tie)

Fleming Mixed Pairs Tournament 2020

On Sat 8 Aug, we held the Fleming Mixed Pairs Tournament. Although we suffered through some rain in the morning, the games were quite exciting (and close: we had 3 ties). Congratulations to the winning teams:

  1. Charles Hou, Heather Kerr
  2. David Crowe, Jean McTavish
  3. Elaine Rolston, Andy Byrne

Canada Cup on BC Day 2020

On BC Day (Mon 3 Aug), we played a belated Canada Cup tournament. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the tournament was played as pairs instead of triples. Congratulations to the winning teams:

  1. Kathie Draeseke, Gerry Fuchs
  2. Ken Sherlock, Judy Chen
  3. Ralph Roper, Jean McTavish

Men’s & Women’s Pairs Tournaments 2020

On Sat 1 Aug, both the Armstrong Men’s Pairs and Daisy Laird Women’s Pairs tournaments were played. Congratulations to the winning teams:

Armstrong Men’s Pairs

  1. Charles Hou, Mark Dix-Cooper
  2. Bill Sharp, David Crowe
  3. Ralph Roper, George Bangham

Daisy Laird Women’s Pairs

  1. Kathie Draeseke, Heather Kerr
  2. Margit Hunt, Fran Holmes-Green
  3. Judy Chen, Jan Miko