Wednesday Mixed Triples League 2017 Round 2

Round 2 of this season’s Wednesday Mixed Triples League concluded on 23 Aug 2017.  Here are the winning teams:

  1. Frank Kaweski, Valerie Macfadyen, Judy Dyce.
  2. Charles Hou, Cynthia Hou, George Bangham.
  3. Bill Sharp, Stuart Hicks, Andy Byrne.

This concludes another successful season of our Wednesday Mixed Triples League.

WPG Women’s Triples 2017

On Sat 12 Aug 2017, we held a women’s triples tournament, in which 16 teams participated. The winners were …

  1. Karis Rees, Jocelyn Henderson, & Carol Bielby
  2. Gale Claydon, Nel Smitheringale, & Mary McGillivray
  3. Sharon Baldwin, Carole Estabrook, & Carole Reynolds

Desserts were provided by Tapestry at Wesbrook Village, UBC.