BC Day Bowling & Buffet

On 3 Aug 2015, our B.C. Day holiday bowling, both morning and afternoon, was enjoyed by a good number of bowlers. It was especially gratifying to see so many first year bowlers enter the draws…they have now realized that they are quite good enough to join the games and seemed to really enjoy themselves…we certainly enjoyed having them play.

And the buffet! Louise and her amazing contingent outdid themselves with ham, salads, and sliced meats which were followed by an amazing array of desserts. More power to Louise who had about 20  people sign up in the last few days (some the “day of”!) and still managed to cope, with no one left hungry. (We should try not to pull the “last minute” bit in future; it’s not really fair to the organizers.)

Canada Day Cup

This year’s Canada Day Cup featured some very good competition within the club.  In the tournament, convened by Frank Kaweski, each team played 2 games, with lunch & refreshments in between.  The winning teams were as follows:

  • 1st:  Ken Sherlock, Sandra Webster, & June Wing
  • 2nd:  Frank Kaweski, Joyce Williams, & Brenda Laing
  • 3rd:  Ralph Roper, Shirley Grimmett, & Cynthia Hou

West Point Grey Ladies’ Pairs Tournament

On 30 Jun 2015, the West Point Grey Ladies’ Pairs saw 12 bowlers bowl off.  Winners were:

  • 1st: Louise Weinberger & Dorothy Wan
  • 2nd: Joyce Williams & Jane Puusepp

The tournament was convened by Verle Kaweski.  Refreshments were provided by Bridget Allanson and Louise Weinberger.

President’s Cup Victory

On Wednesday 24 June 2015, Frank Kaweski skipped his team (Louise Weinberger, Kathie Draeseke and Cathleen Rowlette) to victory in the 6th Annual President’s Cup! It was a wonderful day and our thanks to Granville Park for hosting us.

The cup is now back where it started!

President's Cup trophy

The winning team

Russ McKay Men’s Triples Tournament

On Sat 6 Jun, 14 teams participated in this annual tournament convened by Frank Kaweski.  Each team played 2 games north & south in the morning, and 2 games east & west after lunch.  Congratulations to the winners:

  1. Richmond LBC: Jack Green, Gordon Oikawa, Gonzo Wong
  2. Richmond LBC: Paul Choi, Stanley Chow, James Chen
  3. Langley LBC: Doug Dingman, Murray Scott, John Fuller

Refreshments (coffee, tea, goodies) were provided by a WPG team lead by Shirley Grimmet, ably assisted by Jan Miko, Marie Clark, Alice Roper, Cynthia House, and Verle Kaweski.

Defibrillator Party

On Sunday 31 May, WPG undoubtedly broke new ground with Vancouver’s first “Defibrillator Party”!

After our draw, over thirty people watched Cam, the intrepid St. John’s Ambulance professional, demonstrate the steps necessary to use our recently purchased defibrillator in “bringing back” someone who has suffered cardiac arrest.

Many thanks to Brenda Laing, who arranged it all, including the great wine and cheese party which followed.

Hopefully, we will never have to put our new knowledge to the test, but like the Boy Scouts, WE ARE PREPARED!

West Point Grey LBC Mixed Triples Tournament

On Sat 30 May, we had a very successful tournament with beautiful weather. Fourteen teams enjoyed the day of bowling. Congratulations to the winners:

  1. Richmond LBC: Francis Yau, Simon Leung, & Anita Lee
  2. Richmond LBC: Eric Leung, George Man, & Alice Lam
  3. Stanley Park LBC: Monica Wilson, Hal Gray, & Terry Severs

Victoria Day barbeque

There were both athletic and culinary triumphs at the West Point Grey Lawn Bowling Club on Victoria Day!

In the morning and afternoon, bowlers were treated to marvelous weather and ideal conditions as they rolled along to various levels of success.  Some keeners bowled both sessions – one person confessed that she needed the practice – but others of us took the easier route: bowled one game then retired to the clubhouse for sustenance!  Louise had put together an amazing barbeque with lots of help from Sharon Fuchs and others, while Ken did a job worthy of Graham Kerr (anyone remember him?) flipping burgers, smokies, and veggie patties.  Kathy and Frank tended bar and the proverbial “good time was had by all” –  47 diners!

Louise has had a hard time shaking the title of social convener but she will not be doing all the future events.  (If you enjoyed this one as much as you seemed to, think about doing your bit to help arrange the next one!)

Open House for New Season

Our sun dances worked: May 3rd was warm and bright as we prepared to welcome prospective members at our “Open House”.  A new and slightly more organized format seemed to really work and people were out there bowling almost from the minute they hit the greens.  A few people stayed nearly the whole time and of the approximately fourteen guests, several joined immediately!  Our own bowlers were able to get in a few ends and show the visitors how the game was played.  It was a wonderful day and thanks to all the volunteers who were such great hosts!