A Talk About Etiquette

Frank Kaweski presented a short talk to over 20 members, covering the most pertinent aspects of Lawn Bowling Etiquette. Here are the main points:

  • After greeting, there should be a coin flip (not a ‘kick of the bowl’!)
  • Participants need to take out their assigned equipment
  • The mat should be 1 metre past the bowls – move the mat rather than the bowls!
  • Pay attention, and be ready to bowl
  • Encourage others
  • Walk up the centre of the green, and around the Head to the back
  • Do not linger around the Head
  • Rakes need to be placed so they’re ready top be lifted and carried out (don’t encroach onto neighbouring rinks!)
  • When measuring both parties need to agree the result
  • Stand still behind the Head
  • Please be on time!