Men’s & Women’s Singles Tournaments 2021

On Sat 21 Aug 2021, both men’s and women’s singles tournaments were held.  The winners were as follows:

Men’s Singles

  1. Ken Sherlock
  2. Mark Dix-Cooper
  3. Charles Hou

Women’s Singles

  1. Elaine Rolston
  2. Margit Hunt
  3. Kathie Draeseke

These tournaments were played under cloudy but dry skies–good weather indeed for lawn bowling.  There were a lot of close games; the number of blowouts was much less than usual.  The calibre of bowling was quite high.  Apart from congratulating the winners, special “longevity” mentions must be given to Kathie Draeseke & George Bangham.  They each bowled in excess of 50 ends.