Victoria Day barbeque

There were both athletic and culinary triumphs at the West Point Grey Lawn Bowling Club on Victoria Day!

In the morning and afternoon, bowlers were treated to marvelous weather and ideal conditions as they rolled along to various levels of success.  Some keeners bowled both sessions – one person confessed that she needed the practice – but others of us took the easier route: bowled one game then retired to the clubhouse for sustenance!  Louise had put together an amazing barbeque with lots of help from Sharon Fuchs and others, while Ken did a job worthy of Graham Kerr (anyone remember him?) flipping burgers, smokies, and veggie patties.  Kathy and Frank tended bar and the proverbial “good time was had by all” –  47 diners!

Louise has had a hard time shaking the title of social convener but she will not be doing all the future events.  (If you enjoyed this one as much as you seemed to, think about doing your bit to help arrange the next one!)